March 22, 2011

Pizzaro Jalandoni

Giardino turned to Pizzaro. And since I have never tried the pizza at Pizzaro, I took opportunity of an invitation.

The pizza took only 12 minutes to make. It looked so delicious but tasted so-so. Actually, it wasn't really so-so but its price added to its so-so-ness.

Although the crust was very well done (I like it soft and not so thin and not so thick), the pizza had only a few mozzarella cheese unlike that in Amico's. Also, the tomato sauce was overpowering and I didn't really appreciate the toppings... My friend had the same remarks on our pizza.

Next time, I'll opt for Amico's or Afrique's.

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Jalandoni St., Iloilo City
near Jollibee Jalandoni cor E Lopez
Pizzaro on Facebook


I have heard from the grapevine about this coffeeshop tucked in an unpretentious market in Lapaz. I have always wanted to try this since last year but only found the time to do so recently.

At Lapaz Market, we just asked where Madge is and then they pointed it to us with their snouts. :) At Madge, the waitress was so friendly and accomodating. She really helped us what to order. We ended up ordering coffee and toasted bread with margarine then sat on one of the many tables and read newspapers.

The coffee we ordered was just the regular one. The occasional coffee-drinker me might die when I go for the strong one... The coffee was very delicious unlike that in Bluejay. It was creamy, yes, because we opted to have milk added to it and it tasted like Bailey's. Haha. I wonder what it tastes like if gin was added to it...

The bread was large, soft and tasty. Very worth it at PhP10.

When we finished our food, we paid since it was almost closing time. The coffee with milk was only PhP22. Since I was always asking about ibos, the ever-friendly waitress told me to return early in the morning when there are a lot of it and other native delicacies. Someday, I will, but next time, I'll go for the regular one without milk so that I can really taste their coffee.

PS They do serve lunch too.

Lapaz Market
Open from about 5AM-7PM everyday
Madge on Facebook

Kong Kee

At Kong Kee, there were many waiters and a few customers such that the former resort to sitting on the tables and watch the world pass by. I ordered the Comida China Regular, which is a combo meal with 2 dishes. I had a hard time asking the waiter on what dish choices I can have. I think it took me 5 or 10 minutes to obtain an answer from him. It was so irritating that the very thought of it makes my blood boil this instant!

Our conversation went something like this:
Me (M): Nong, ano na sud-an pwede di?
Waiter (W): Fried chicken kag chopsuey
M: Ano pa pwede?
W: Ummm... Fried chicken kag chopsuey
M: Abi ko mapili duwa ka sud-an, ano pilian ko?
W: Ummm... Kung gusto mo lumpia, ara man.
M: Ano pa?
W: Ummm...
M: Diin di (points to menu) ang pilian ko? (I was already trying to help him here)
W: Ummm... Kung gusto mo fried chicken kag chopsuey, pwede man.
M: (irritated at this point) Ano pa gani?
W: Lumpia, pwede man.
M: (sarcastic) Kung Ox Tongue, pwede man?
W: Ay, hindi.
M: Ano lang bi pwede?
W: Fried Chicken kag chopsuey. Kung Lumpia, pwede man.

And that went on 1000x.

I was so irritated and hungry already that I stopped my source of stress and ordered his recommendation of fried chicken and chopsuey then took pictures to calm myself. While I was taking pictures, a waiter STOOD ON the table beside mine and dusted the walls. Eew! After he cleaned the wall near me, he STOOD ON another table and cleaned another part. A million EEW!!!

After about five minutes, soup was served. It was bland PERIOD.

After another five minutes, my main course arrived. It all looked plain.

The fried rice seemed just mixed in a bowl and it only had tidbits of other stuff mostly egg.

The chopsuey was not exceptional and it had patola. Weird.

The chicken was crispy outside but blood-tinged inside. Haay...

After I finished eating, I ordered chicken siopao because that is what they are known for.

My first bite brought me to my childhood. It tasted just like the siopao my sister makes every afternoon. A few more bites brought me to so-so kingdom again. And this at PhP36. So not worth it.

The waiter's lack of knowledge of his products plus the plain-ness of it all equals me not returning there... AT ALL!!!

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Kong Kee
23 JM Basa St., Iloilo City
Kong Kee on Facebook

March 12, 2011


This afternoon was a boring day and so was the day before that and the day before the day before today. I headed to Margec's to break the monotony of my existence.

As I was still approaching the counter, the waitress was already greeting me. I had a hard time choosing what to eat. But at boring times like these, I wanted something tasty. I would have wanted the fish dish but I settled for a safe choice of Back Ribs. I added an order of Chocolate Napoleones and went off to sit. I should have paid for my order but the cashier didn't complain. Teehee.

After a minute, my napoleones was served. I reserved eating it for later. After another couple minutes, my drink and a bowl of soup was served. I was shocked but accepted it anyway. I love surprises like free stuffs. :)

After five minutes more, my food arrived. I was shocked to see no bone on my food. I mean, it isn't called backribs for nothing, right? I was also a little disappointed at the size of the free creamhorn.

I ate anyway and enjoyed the really soft and tender meat. The sweet sauce seeped into the meat. It was so tasty that I find myself without any rice towards the end of my meal.

After my main course, I had my small cream horn. The crust was flaky and crispy and the filling tasted like custard or something like that. It was not amazing.

The napoleones, on the other hand, was a chocolate kind - a great innovation to a sweet treat. I planned on eating it with my fork but the icing on top was tough. Hehe. I took a bite and found that it was also flaky and crispy but not fine like those from Bacolod. The chocolate filling tasted like, what else but, chocolate. I like it more than the cream horn but I would prefer cream napoleones more than this.

A downside is the many flies ruining my meal. :( And the booming stereo across the street which makes my heart beat.

There were other pastries on the counter like hopia, empanada and some rolls. I will try them someday. :)


Because I wanted to try the other items on their menu, I came back. This time, I found out that there are no more free cream puffs. And the empanada was not available. So I settled for the herbed fish with mango sauce.

 I love this dish. The fish was tender. The onions were crunchy but not tangy and complemented the tenderness of the fish. The mango sauce was something new and enjoyable and added a twang to the oh-so-familiar fish fillet.

Yum yum yum. If only there are more items on their menu...


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Mabini St., Iloilo City
across HealthLink

Thiea and Jiecel's

One weekday ago, my friends and I wanted to eat lunch somewhere. I chose Theia and Jiecel's because I heard many good feedbacks about it.

At Theia and Jiecel's, we ordered their siopao and some chicken mami. While waiting for our order, we beared the heat which was not solved by their seemingly broken airconditioning unit. Their place seemed like a small ariconditioned carenderia.

Their siopao disappointed me big time. It was hot but it tasted old. Their dough was dry, not soft and not tasty. The filling can never be understood.

Their mami was also disappointing. It was small and not delicious. Very soso. Maybe the stuff carenderias serve on the sidewalk is better.

I will never never never return there.

Jiecel and Thea's Refreshment
Taft Street, Sta. Rosa, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Caper Berry

Because my friends were craving for pasta, we headed to this new face in town.

At Caper Berry, everyone seemed to be busy doing something other than tending the resto. When we chose a spot, we had to call one of them to hand us a menu. Before we chose Carbonara and Fazghetti, we wanted to order other items on their menu which weren't available. We ordered the 2 items because it was the only one available aside from the Burgee (this is not a typo). So pathetic.

While they were cooking our orders from scratch, we enjoyed smelling our food. :) When our food arrived, I forgot to take pictures because we were all hungry. I remembered to take pictures when there was no more food so I took pictures of the resto instead. Hahaha.

The food was a little expensive but it was worth it. It was delicious. Better than any other pasta we've ever had. The only downside is that it's out of the way...

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Caper Berry
Burgos St., Iloilo City
near Lapaz Plaza


Because I was bored with my boarding house's surroundings, I went to Bluejay to study.

At Bluejay, I had their Americano which costs PhP50. I didn't like it but I like their environment which was silent and sparse. I like their comfy chairs too. :) The food, however, was expensive. So expensive. And because of that, I will not return here.

Menu.Click images to enlarge. Open in new tabs to superenlarge.


Amigo Mall, Iznart St., Iloilo City
Open from 8am-8pm everyday
Another branch at: Adelina Building, Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City
Open from 8am-12MN on Monday-Saturday and 8am-10pm on Sundays
Bluejay on Facebook

Love and Kisses

Tonight was a boring night. I initially planned to eat at Kong Kee but it was still early when I finished strolling around downtown. So I went home and found myself in a dilemma of where to eat. I considered Fort Manukan and then hang out at Crammer's after, or Bavaria and then hang out at the new Garden Cafe but I settled for some pizza and beer instead.

I thought of Giardino but considered my savings if I'd buy at Love and Kisses. A vague memory told me otherwise but the calling of having some pizza for dinner was overwhelming.

I ordered a Baby Doll Simone at P110. Quite expensive, I thought, but when I opened the box, I was surprised to see a lot of toppings and a lot of slices. The last time I remember, a Baby Doll pizza only had 4 slices. Mine have 6. Oh well. Maybe my memory is just playing with me.

I ate my pizza and was satisfied. Yum, yum, yum.

I have also tried their Pork Spareribs, Passion on Fire and Fettucine Alfredo.

Their Pork Spareribs are fatty - very fatty but the meaty part (the little that is left when you trim off the fats) is good and very well done. :) The Passion on Fire is noodles on a sizzling plate, if I can still remember it right. Nothing spectacular. The Fettucine Alfredo is buttery - makes me wanna vomit.

Expensive and so-so but pizzas can be had by the slice. Not my choice for pizza though. The ideal answer is that I won't return but consdering the vicinity of it to me, I might return. If given options like Afrique's... bye Love and Kisses! :P

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Love and Kisses
Jalandoni St., Iloilo City (near University of San Agustin)
Another branch at: Nelly Garden, E. Lopez St., Iloilo City

Glor's Hamburger

I have always read about this burger joint and thus, have always wanted to try their burgers... but I never knew where it is located. I always scour the city for their shop and always fail... One day, when Glor's was the last thing on my mind, I came across it.

I ordered a grilled burger and a bottle of Mountain Dew to the waitresses who were all attentive and courteous. It didn't take long for my order to arrive. I gobbled it down and thought that it wasn't that amazing at all. I mean, Big Mac or Burger Machine could whip up the same burger.

Their place really needs serious renovations. It is like a hole-in-a-wall with dark interiors, which do not fit the type of food they serve.

I certainly won't go a long distance for some ordinary burgers. But if I am in the vicinity and am craving for burgers... why not? 

Glor's Hamburgers
near the corner of Valeria and Ledesma Streets, Iloilo City
Glor's on Facebook