October 28, 2012


My friend have been wanting to eat here for ages. We finally made it one night.

Because I am a chicken person, I ordered their Crunchy Chicken with Peanut Sauce. My other friends ordered Crispy Minced Fish with Mango Salad and Crab Fried Rice.

In fairness, service was fast. Our food arrived steaming hot after 10 minutes.

The Chicken was adequate in serving size. I like it with or without its peanut sauce.

The Crispy Fish was new to me. It tastes good as is but is even better when mized with the green mango salad that comes with it.

The Crab Fried Rice was plenty. It was neither too dry nor too wet and it was tasty. :)

My friends and I finished our meal unsatisfied so we ordered Chicken in Thai Yellow Curry because it is not a Thai Meal without curry. We also had another platter of rice but this time, we got Garlic Rice.

The Curry was plenty, tasty and spicy. I like the beans that come with it because it was crisp.

The Garlic Rice was tasty and seemed not to be made of garlic rice alone.

Good food with good company.

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BS Aquino Ave., Iloilo City

Hungry Ninja

One day, even when I was full from eating at Afrique's, I still went with my classmate to eat at Hungry Ninja. I had Pork Shogun and Fried Chicken.

The Pork Shogun was tender, spicy and plenty.

The Fried Chicken was plenty and cheap that we had a hard time consuming it. In fact, we were not able to consume it and brought it home instead.

I'm a little sad that they tweaked their menu to include less noodles. But still Hungry Ninja offers cheap good food. This is one of my staples.

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Hungry Ninja
Gen Luna St., Iloilo City

Mrs Fudge

I thought this is a dessert place but when I went there one day ago, I was surprised that they serve burgers, pasta and rice meals.

I ordered their Tuna Casserole because their Lasagna wasn't available. It arrived after 8  minutes. It was so-so.

I would have wanted the Sans Rival but it wasn't sold per slice.

So-so food at an unairconditioned place means me not returning here.

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Mrs Fudge
Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City (beside Angelicum)

October 20, 2012


I went there to study a couple of weeks ago. I have been there before but the ground floor was renovated so I got lost and didn't know where the stairs heading to Robb's are. People keep pointing but they couldn't tell me where the stairs really are. I deciphered them myself anyway.

At Robb's, I had the Brewed Coffee, which was good. This time though I added cream and sugar when I usually enjoy my coffee as it is - plain.

After hours of studying, I surfed the net via their free Wifi. I also watched some TV shows on their screen and then ordered their Chicken for dinner.

I love that it is crispy on the outside and tasty inside. It seems marinated thus making it tasty and delicious. I also like that there are two cuts of chicken. Gravy is served on the side.

A nice place to study.

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Urban Inn
Luna St., Lapaz, Iloilo
Open 10AM - 11PM everyday

Kang Byeon

We were supposed to eat at Moyeora but when we braved the heat to walk there, we found that it was closed so we tried this Korean place at Times Square.

My friend and I had Bibimbap and Spicy Chicken. Food arrived after 14 minutes.

The side dish available were: sugar-coated sweet potato,
bean sprouts,
and some rice cakes.
We had them refilled but when we consumed it a second time, they refused and said they oly refill it once. :-|

The Spicy Chicken isn't what I expected it to be. It was sizzling but it only had a few cuts of chicken in it even if it was worth P350.

The Bibimbap was fine but I had better ones like that in Moyeora.

I am honestly disappointed with this Korean Restaurant. I won't see a second time.

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Kang Byeon
Times Square
General Luna St., Iloilo City

Captain Dad's

I thought it is expensive here but when I went to study there one day, I was surprised it isn't.

I had the Classic Burger which is worth PhP60. When it arrived after 7 minutes, I was surprised at the size. I thought they took my order wrong but they didn't and it was really my order - huge at PhP60. The taste is fine. I would eat it a second time but after I would be able to taste the Pasta, Pizza, Chicken and Rice Meals.

It seems like a nice place. It is a nice place. Cheap good food.

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Captain Dad's
1/F Soriano Building,
297 West Avenue, Molo, Iloilo City
Captain Dad's on Facebook

October 19, 2012


My friends and I planned on eating out at Villa. Since we had a hard time deciding, we asked the coin which leaded us to Bhai Shaab's Punjabi.

It is a shack in the side of the road like some makeshift carenderia one puts up along streets near bus, van or jeepney terminals. The only difference though is that they serve good Indian food.

My friends and I had Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Masala and Mutton. I had Chapati, Tandoori Naan, Butter Naan and Aloo Parotha for carbs.

Food arrived after 35 minutes but it surely did fill up our small table. After saying prayers, my friends and I attacked our food.

The Tandoori Chicken was tender and very tasty.

I could say the same for the Mutton and the Chicken Masala.

Of course I like the soft bread I ordered. And it was huge! Really huge!

This is one of my favorite restaurants here in Iloilo. Very cheap very good food.

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Bhai Shaab's Punjabi
Avancena St., Villa, Iloilo City