January 25, 2011

Mango Tree

I have always wanted to eat at Mango Tree and have even planned to eat there countless times. However, it always ends up as a failed attempt.

Nevertheless, one Thursday morning, my friends and I finally had the time to head to DOH to get some stuff for school. We only spent a few minutes there but by the time we finished, it was lunch time. Naturally, I suggested for us to have lunch at Mango Tree. My ever-supportive friends instantly agreed.

It was like going to someone's house for lunch. It never looked like a restaurant and no one was outside to usher us in. So we let ourselves in. Once inside, one waiter was by the counter and a dog was wagging his tail near the counter. This may be a minus in the hygiene department for some or a plus for appeal for some.

I headed to the tables while my friends played with the dog. I scanned the menu and then ordered with my friends. We had Pork Steak and Pork Binagoongan and chatted for 20 minutes before the food arrived.

The first thing I ate was the Pork Steak. It was tasty like Grilled or Barbecued Pork, which is my favorite food in the whole wide world. :D The Pork Steak was tender and was not really special since it tasted like what it should be. But it was really very delicious. Too bad, it came in thin slabs.

The Pork Binagoongan, on the other hand, was rich and tasty... very tasty, in fact, that we ordered second helpings of rice which was overpriced at PhP20. The meat was tender too and came with many tomatoes. Nom nom nom. I was expecting small servings but was very surprised that they exceeded my expectations. Very much worth it. :)

I was very satisfied with my Mango Tree experience that I can't wait for my next visit.

I'm definitely coming back!
Because my friend arrived, we just had to dine somewhere to celebrate that special occasion. We all thought that Mango Tree is the place.

Two of my friends and I ordered Lengua and Beef Salpicao but when our orders arrived, we were so disappointed at the very small servings. I alone could eat all of it. So we decided to add Pork Sisig - the only thing we could decide on from their limited menu.

The Beef Salpicao was not amazing. It was composed of bite-size beef cuts swimming or rather wading in its own sauce and topped with garlic. I wish the beef was more tender, and I would have appreciated if there were more sauce and if it were more tasty. I still believe that the best salpicao can be found in Dive Road, where it is sizzling and spicy.

The Lengua was already cold when we ate it. It was the most so-so of all so-so things. It was composed of 6 or so slices of tongue baste in mushroom sauce and topped or rather sprinkled with grated cheese. The taste was fine but there was only a few of it which made me not really enjoy it. Among all the dishes that day, this disappointed me the most.

The Sisig tasted like one I ate a couple of weeks back in a carenderia near where I live. No offense but that is what it really tasted like. There was nothing special and there was too much fat in it. I still think the best sisig is that in Omp's in Miagao where you can even request for it to be almost burnt so that you get a somehow crunchy sisig. :)

My friends ordered Pork and Tofu and Spicy Korean Pork.

The Tofu was good but the Pork in it was just underfried Pork Fats, which I think should be crispy like chicharon or even just like Lechon Kawali. There was only a few pieces of tiny slices of pork too. It was just like minced pork. :-|

The Spicy Korean Pork was good. I like the spiciness and the hotness of the dish. I think I'll order this next time.

The Mango Crepe we ordered for dessert was the winner. I wonder how they make their crepe. But I like the slices of mango and banana inside the rolled crepe. There was also a generous drizzling of chocolate syrup and mango syrup as well.

On my first visit, I thought Mango Tree is one restaurant which is consistent. This was proved wrong on my second visit. I just hope they could redeem themselves on my future visit/s. Right now, I'm still thinking if I should retain them on my Favorite Restaurants list or cross their name out.

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Mango Tree
Guzman St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Open daily from 11AM-10PM

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January 13, 2011

Casa Verde

After I had lunch at Bigby's, I went to Casa Verde to have dessert. What else to order but their Death by Chocolate.

When it arrived, it was smaller than it once was. I looked around at the other tables and observed that even the ribs are smaller now than it was before. :(
I ate my dessert anyway and enjoyed tasting the chocolate syrup and sugar toppings and then cracking the chocolate coat around the chocolate icecream. Yummmmmm! Life is beautiful. :)
We were supposed to have lunch at Gerry's Grill but the friend of my friend does not like it there so we headed to the safest choice - Casa Verde.

I wanted to have steak but my friend has never eaten their ribs. And you have never really eaten at Casa Verde without trying their ribs. So I offered to share the large meal with her even if I could consume it alone. :D

We also had half of a soup and half of a salad. We had the Potato Soup which was thick, creamy and cheesy, which made me, the non-soup believer, enjoy it.

The salad was so-so. There was no chicken in it contrary to what the menu says.

The ribs were large but I still think they were larger (and cheaper) way back. It was still delicious and succulent and heavenly... The only thing I can ask for is more! :)
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Casa Verde
Ayala Terraces,Ayala, Cebu
Open daily from 11AM -10PM

Other branches at:
69 Lim Tian Teng St. (formerly V. Ranudo), Cebu City

IT Park

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A couple of days ago, I met up with some friends at Ayala Terraces for lunch. We were supposed to have Casa Verde's ribs but they were closed at 10AM. So we went to Bigby's instead. I have tried their Rodeo Chops and it was such a treat! This time though, I had their ribs which I've heard was good. And so I ordered one...One rack of it. :)

When my ribs arrived, it was no different from the half rack my friend ordered. It was of the same size... So stupid. I should have ordered the half rack instead.

Anyway, I cut off my ribs and tasted them. They were tough and bland. Definitely the worst ribs I have ever tasted. But maybe that was because we were the first customers and they haven't half cooked our food and they were in a hurry to cook it so that they could serve it to us. Bah... I wasted my time and my money at Bigby's.

Definitely no more Bigby's ribs for me.

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Ayala Terraces
Ayala, Cebu
Open daily from 10AM-10PM 
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