April 23, 2011


Afrique's is always a favorite. Since highschool, we have been frequenting its creamy pizza and pasta. It is a place where we eat after a stressful day or a place where we celebrate our birthdays or a place where we eat randomly.

Everything in Afrique's is delicious. Really. They don't scrimp on the ingredients yet everything is affordable!

All my praises to Afrique's, the safe and best choice anytime.

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Branches in Jaro, Smallville, Robinsons, Iznart
Open for lunch to dinner
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I love breakfast. :)

At Olio, I once had their Beef Tapa but I find it tough and somekinda raw.

The next time, I opted for my favorite waffles with bacon and eggs on the side.

The waffle was nothing special but it was crunchy outside and chewy inside.

As for the bacon, the servings were huge and many. Enough for my waffles. :)

The eggs were of a heart shape even if it was far from February.

Syrup and butter were served along with this filling and delicious meal. :)  

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Westown Hotel
Smallville Complex, Glicerio Pison Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
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Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner


I thought this place was really pricey but when I finally ate here after wanting to do so for 2 or 3 years, I was proved wrong. I really wanted to eat here because it is the only restaurant that serves US-style grill with some cajun and/or creole type of food. All of which exudes a rich taste that writing about it makes my mouth water this instant. In particular, I wanted to try their Texas Pork Ribs and compare it with the real fare in the south of US. And that is precisely what I ordered.

Their menu came on huge wooden slabs that was too big for the table. A bottle of wine was on the center of the table, waiting to be tipped off by the menu. It was very risky. You better be careful or else you might end up paying for a bottle of wine! I took up all necessary precautions and asked the waitress to remove the bottle of wine from my table.

While waiting for my order, the waitress filled a bowl with popcorn made fresh on the site with their popcorn machine. It was an ordinary popcorn.

After about 15 minutes, my ribs arrived. It was so huge!!! The mere looks of it tells me that I couldn't finish it by myself! I took a bite anyway and was instantly disappointed.

It was not fall off the bones as I imagined it to be. And the taste did not really penetrate through the meat.

I asked my friends what they think of Mojave and they have the same opinion as I that it is disappointing.

I hope Mojave improves but I really have no plans to return. Next time, when craving for ribs, better stay safe by choosing Bourbon's Baby Back Ribs. 

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The Avenue
Glicerio Pison Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Open for lunch and dinner
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April 5, 2011


The day I had my NBD fix, I saw this stall at the Smallville Complex. It looked so cute that I wanted to try it instantly. I did so that afternoon while waiting for dinner. :)

I had their yogurt with three toppings. My friend also had the same order. And then we added a nutella crepe.

The yogurt did not taste like yogurt at all. It tasted like ice cream. :) Which is a big plus for everyone's health. I mean, yogurts are healthy but people have been avoiding it for its taste. Now, here is one that passes for an ice cream! Hurray!

The toppings, however, are few. Not worth it at PhP30 for three toppings and all you get is a break from a small Nestle Crunch bar, also a break from a small Toblerone bar and a few slices of banana. :( However, I enjoyed the yogurt so much that I did not mind the toppings. :)

I tasted my friend's toppings of Oreo and really liked it. I now know what to order next time. :)

The nutella crepe is not fine but coarse. It, however, was better as coarse. It feels like that there are chocolate bits, which contributed to its coarseness. There is only a few nutella but I was caught surprised by a side of yogurt again! I was extremely happy!

The yogurt is priced at PhP85. The crepe (is priced) at PhP 105. This is a nice place with board games. Not to mention the ever courteous and smiling employees. :) 

Smallville Complex,
Glicerio Pison Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City


I only eat here when someone treats me. I just find their food expensive.

And, one day, someone did treat me. We had green mango for appetizers. I'm not really a fan of the green mango but I ate one slice. :)

We also had lechon which I was not able to take a picture of, baked talaba, steamed shrimp, sizzling crabmeat, steamed crab and fish soup.

I enjoyed the lechon and, of course, the baked talaba.

I also like the fish soup. Oh, we also had pinakbet but I did not try it because my companions were complaining that it was not heated and it tasted old.

Breakthrough, for me, is now a far cry from what it used to be. I find their food very good when I was in high school and college. But now? I find them so-so. Still people flock to the Villa beach to have their fill of seafood. That is because they have established their name already. I just hope they redeem themselves and not lose what they have started. 

Villa, Iloilo City
Open for lunch and dinner

Nothing But Desserts

It was my first time at NBD because I find their prices extremely high. One day, however, while waiting and with nothing else to do, I bought an eclair and a chocolate mousse.

The people at NBD were courteous and helped us what to order.

The eclairs were better than that in Dulcinea. It was hard outside but sweet and soft inside. :) Also, appropriately priced at PhP50.

The chocolate mousse, aside from its presentation, was rich and smooth inside. I don't like the taste though. I feel like something is missing. But it is good, nonetheless, but really not worth it at PhP105. I'm not saying not to order it. I'm just saying it's not good good. It's just good. 

Nothing But Desserts
The Avenue, Smallville Complex
Glicerio Pison Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
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I always avoid eating at Goldilock's because I find their cakes too sweet and their selection few. One time, however, I caught myself with no other option. I didn't feel like eating at all the other restaurants in SM.

At Goldilock's, I ordered their lasagna. It arrived hot (but not the kind that burns your tastebuds). It was also very cheesy and very meaty. The pasta was all dente. And there was a free piece of roll which I later found out to be stale. The pasta was good nonetheless... very good. I am so happy with my new discovery of a lasagna go-to place. :) 

SM City Iloilo
BS Aquino St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Another branch at: SM Delgado
Iznart St., Iloilo City
Open during mall hours (10AM-9PM)
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Pecho Pak

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I wanted to eat liempo. So we scoured for one. We usually buy either at a stall outside WVSUMC or at a stall near McDonald's. However, the stall outside WVSUMC is now non-existent. Naturally, we headed to the other option. When we went there, the person who tends the stall was busy with other things and was apparently ignoring us. So we headed to Pecho Pak (which was our last option) grumbling.

The liempo looked old and not appealing but we had no other choice and we were really craving so we settled for it. When we ate it, it was tough and the skin was not even crispy. There was also only a few meat parts. I mean, most of it was unedible fat! Really not worth it at PhP130. :( This is a craving gone bad.

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Pecho Pak
E Lopez St., Jaro, Iloilo City