January 31, 2012

MO2 Annex

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MO2 Annex
Smallville, BS Aquino Ave, Iloilo City

January 29, 2012


A friend recommended me this place. I would have never heard of this had he not mentioned it.

At Airliner, we had Bicol Express, Tinuom na Manok, Bangus Sisig, Steamed Talaba and Baked Talaba.

The Bicol Express was the best. It was like Adobo with Coconut Milk. The meat was tender and the servings were huge.

The Tinuom na Manok was spicy, tasty and delicious. The native chicken wasn't tough but there were only 4 or 5 small pieces of it (and one piece is the neck part. :-|)

The Bangus Sisig tasted good too. I like that it has plenty of onions adding a different texture to the dish.

The steamed talaba is few and the oysters aren't fat. Those in Hilltop remain my favorite.

The baked talaba is the best I have ever tasted.

Airliner exceeded my expectations. Good food at cheap prices. If only they have a wider selection of dishes though...

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Airport Road, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

January 23, 2012


After a very hearty dinner at Mr Crab Co, my friend and I didn't want to go home yet so we strolled to search for a live band. Our search led us to JAQ's where we ordered cheesesticks for the sake of ordering.

I like their cheesesticks than that in MO2. JAQ's cheesesticks have more cheese than breading. And there is a generous side of mayonnaise. Really worth it than that in MO2.

We ordered red iced tea because we weren't in the mood to drink that night. Turned out that it had alcohol in it. Hahaha. But it's a very refreshing drink considering its size.

The band is not that good but we were just there to hang out anyway.

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Smallville, BS Aquino Ave, Iloilo City
Open Mondays-Saturdays 5PM-1AM
JAQ's on Facebook

January 22, 2012


After practice one day, we had dinner at Balai. I had Liempo and Chopsuey, which arrived after 36 minutes. Imagine.

The Liempo was so-so. I like that it didn't come with plenty of fat.

The Chopsuey was so-so too. There's celery in it. Weird.

Dim lights are fit for drinking and not for eating... but the prices are low anyway.

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E Lopez St., Iloilo City
Open 8-3AM Monday-Saturdays
   10-3AM Sundays

January 21, 2012

Mr Crab Co

We found an opportunity to eat here one night ago. We ordered Chicken Tinola, Adobo Ilonggo and Sweet and Spicy Sugpo. We skipped the crabs because they were really expensive.

The Chicken Tinola is the best I have ever tasted. I like that even if they used native chicken, the chicken wasn't tough. And I like that there were plenty of chicken cuts in it including the liver and the gizzard. The soup in itself is so delicious. I'm not a fan of tinola but Mr Crab Co made me like this dish. Seriously, their tinola is one you shouldn't miss.

The Adobo Ilonggo had lots of pepper, onions and garlic in it giving it a tasty and spicy taste. I like this kind of adobo but, that night, it was tough. Kinda like overdone. I hope it was just that night though.

The prawns are expensive at PhP275. About PhP80 each. The sweet and spicy sauce was indeed sweet and spicy but I was expecting the reddish kind of sauce. It was good nonetheless. The prawns were kinda overdone too but fresh.

Mr Crab Co serves really good food. It's just that they are expensive.

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Mr Crab Co
The Avenue, Smallville Complex
BS Aquino Ave, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Mr Crab Co on Facebook

January 11, 2012

Red Corner

Because it is my friend's birthday and because he likes Chinese food, we ate at Red Corner.

We ordered Soy Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork and Beef and Broccoli.

I really don't like Sweet and Sour dishes but, that night, the Sweet and Sour Pork was amazing and is my favorite.

The Beef and Broccoli came in second. I am not much of a beef eater but the beef that night was not tough and was tasty and delicious.

My usual Soy Chicken was a disappointment that night. It was doused in Soy Sauce making it very salty. :(

Servings are small... so small making the prices expensive. But service is great. Even far greater than great. Waiters and waitresses are all attentive and sensitive to our needs. All of us were amazed at the level of service at Red Corner. If only they have huge servings. 

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Red Corner
Plazuela, BS Aquino Ave., Iloilo City

January 5, 2012

Buto't Balat

The last time I ate here was when I was in college. My brother particularly liked the Seafood Sisig, which I can no longer see on their menu. On that particular night, however, I orderd Lechon Kawali and half an order of Pinakbet.

Our food arrived after 27 minutes. My Lechon Kawali was overdone but it whetted my appetite for sinful food. The Grilled Pork my friend ordered is heavenly. And the Pinakbet was worth it at PhP80 considering that it had plenty of veggies and pork as well.

I was envious at my friends' orders of Pork Adobo, Grilled Pork and Fish Fillet. And because I enjoyed my food and I want to try other items on their menu, I will return at Buto't Balat, which is now one of my favorites. :) 
Grilled Pork
Fish Fillet
Breaded Pork
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Buto't Balat
With Branches at Jaro Plaza, SM Delgado and Diversion Road
+639275469000; +639306506464; (033)3296794
Buto't Balat on Facebook