December 20, 2010

Ice Scramble

The new craze which costs only P10 is a mixture of ice shavings, milk powder and chocolate syrup. One has to add P3 for every topping one chooses to add. Among the selection are: chocolate bits (like the one seen in the picture), rice krispies, mini M&M's and more. Upon tasting, this mixture is good with a hint of gulaman. I even asked for more from my friend.

I still have to try Scramble King but I think they taste the same.

Shall We Eat

One day when my friend and I wanted to escape one particular event, we headed to check out the expensive bazaar at PNB near Atrium. We didn't find anything good so we headed to Atrium to try this fairly new Korean restaurant.

I always have pork because it is a very safe choice but recently, I wanted to try new things as well. Beef, for one, is one thing I don't really like. So if I must like it, it must be really good.

That night, my friend had the Tonkas and I had the Beef something (Haha. Sorry I really forgot). Both were priced at P65 but my friend's came with a cup of rice. Mine didn't. But the management offered me a free one anyway. :)

My friend didn't like the Tonkas but when I tasted it, it was good. Maybe my friend didn't like it because it was really coated with something I assumed to be egg. 

My beef dish was very very very beefy and although it looked very small, it was a large serving after all with many beef cuts hidden underneath the sauce.

Shall We Eat
Atrium Foodcourt
(Another branch is located beside Grand Dame Hotel)
Open until the mall closes (about 8PM)

Emperor's Wok

This Chinese restaurant, according to the only waiter, came from Manila. They don't hand out menus to the customers but they have this huge tarpaulin beside their kitchen which posts their menu. You can see everything happening in the kitchen through a glass which alone separates it from the world. In the kitchen, you can see a selection of vegetables, seafoods, meat and noodles... and the cook wearing shades. Weird.

We ordered Hong Ma, Beef with Mixed Vegetables and Emperor's Chicken. While waiting for our food, we tried their Siomai which is just P25 for three pieces and topped with Chili Sauce and comes with a slice of Calamansi and a dash of Soy Sauce. It was very good and delicious with no hint of extenders. :)

The Emperor's Chicken is not impressive.

 The beef dish was bland for my friend but perfect for me.

We waited for the Hong Ma but it never came. Apparently, it wasn't available and the waiter never told us. We should have told him to repeat our orders to think that we followed-up for it and even ordered more rice in anticipation of its coming. Tsk. But, in all fairness, the lone waiter is very knowledgeable of the items on their menu.

Menu. Click image to enlarge. Open in new tab to superenlarge.

Emperor's Wok
35 Valeria Extension, Iloilo City
Tel #: (033)3381929
Open Daily 10AM-10PM


This well-known liempo house also hailed from Aklan. But, the only good thing here is their liempo, which is soft and tasty with a crunchy skin to complement it.

The beef steak and sizzling hot garlic mushroom are priced at P150 each and comes in small servings. Certainly not worth it!

The lechon manok at P195 is dry and not at all tasty. Also not worth it.

As always, waiting for your food takes forever. I wonder why.

The service is very bad. Waiters never smile and keeps ignoring customers. You have to really try to get their attention. There was one waiter though who was very accomodating but I forgot to ask his name. Tsk tsk.

As you see, the only good thing here is the liempo but it is good enough for people to always come back for it.

Menu. Click the images to enlarge. Open in new tabs to superenlarge.

Benigno Aquino Avenue, Iloilo City


It is my second time to eat in this pizza place which I heard hailed from Aklan. Last time, I had roast chicken and lasagna. This time, I had roast beef with bordelaise sauce and pasta with bolognese meat sauce.

The beef is tasty by itself and the sauce tastes like bland ketchup but they make quite a combination.

The pasta is a little sweet, a little sour and a little spicy with generous cheese shavings. There are only a few meat bits in it but it is delicious and not worth it at P70.

The roast chicken I had months ago was so-so. The lasagna was cheesy and came with a piece of roll which was not even hot.

The service is not good. The waitress, who was standing by my table, finished talking to a co-employee before she took my order. However, she is knowledgeable of their products.

I would eat again here though. Next time, I'll have the overpriced pizza. :)

Menu. Click to enlarge. Open in new tabs to superenlarge.

Jalandoni Street, Iloilo City
(near University of San Agustin)
Tel #: (033) 3380792


The new face in the pizza scene of Iloilo is no loser. Situated in Smallville, it is a place where people can grab something to eat after a night of drinking or a place where people can drink beer with their pizza. It is nice that customers can see how their pizza is faring in the kitchen - from the dough to the garnishing to the finished product.


We ordered the Ham Pizza, which my friend claimed is the only good pizza among their selection. The pizza is delicious with an abundance of cheese and a sparsity of ham.

People there are welcoming and accommodating. :)

Menu. Click to enlarge. Open in new tabs to superenlarge.

This is also a Cebu franchise.

Smallville Commercial Complex(In front of The Off-Price Store)
Glicerio Pison Avenue, San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Tel #(s): 8555618; 09331839199
Open until the wee hours of the morning.

Mooon Cafe

This Mexican restaurant which traced its humble beginnings in Guadalupe, Cebu City has really gone a long way. When I first ate here long before they opened branches outside of Cebu, I was struck by the rich flavors and the good service. But although the taste is consistent, the service isn't. Still, I find myself returning here every now and then to eat tasty food.

One night, we ordered baby back ribs and Gambas Al Ajillo.

The Baby Back Ribs is soft and tasty and not so fatty unlike that in Uncle Tom's.

The Gambas Al Ajillo are shrimps with tomatoes cooked in garlic. There are only a few shrimps in the dish and very many tomato bits. It is spicy and yummy but I would have appreciated more shrimps.

My friend likes eating here because the waiters and waitresses are in "costume", so she says. 


Menu.Click images to enlarge. Open in new tabs to superenlarge.

Mooon cafe has 2 branches in Iloilo - 1 in Robinson's and another in SM. Both are open for lunch and dinner.

Mooon Cafe on Facebook