October 22, 2011


I wanted to eat salad but there was no greens at home so I went to Brewpoint. While ordering, I changed my mind and had cheeseburger instead. At P90, it was expensive and not worth it considering its so-so taste.

The service was slow like everything else in Bohol. But I was there for the wi-fi. ;)

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JC Borja cor M Parras Sts., Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Monday-Sunday 6-12 AM
Brewpoint on Facebook

October 17, 2011

Steps of Rome Buffet

Steps of Rome Lunch and Dinner Buffet at PhP99 only!!! Available at 11 AM - 2 PM and 3 PM - 7 PM, every Monday and Tuesday for this month of October only. Go, go, go!!! :)
*will post my review soon. :)

October 15, 2011

Dumaluan Beach Resort Cottages

One day, we decided to avoid the usual crowd at DBR 1. There are always many people there that sometimes, I long for the old Bohol where people were few and less establishments were on the beach. So we headed to the cottages in between Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan Beach Resort 1 to eat and relax.

My friends and I ordered grilled pork and grilled squid.

I could live on grilled pork alone but the people I were with wanted to eat squid. I couldn't blame them especially if they are city people. Because seafoods are scarce and expensive aside from its not being fresh from where they're from...

The squid was tender, tasty and stuffed with onions and tomatoes. Its looks alone make you salivate.

The grilled pork had a considerable amount of meat in it. It was not the usual salt and soysauce marinade but sweet like street barbecue. It was good nonetheless.

The atmosphere was laidback with only one table occupied. I will make my guests eat and stay here in the future.

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DBR Cottages
Bolod, Panglao, Bohol
(038)5029092; (038)5029081
+639178834888; +639228388445; +639283313957
DBR Cottages Website

October 12, 2011

Whites and Greens

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Whites and Greens
Bolod, Panglao, Bohol

October 9, 2011

Dumaluan Beach Resort 2

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Dumaluan Beach Resort 2
Bolod, Panglao, Bohol
DBR Website

October 8, 2011

Fiesta: The Boholano Way

The Boholanos are known for their lavish fiesta preparations and celebrations. Fiestas take place one day before the feast day and extends many days after. Streets are filled and so are public transport. Private vehicles are also jampacked.

Every day of May, there is one town or barangay in Bohol which celebrates the feast day for their patron saint. So you see, May is Fiesta month.

Fiesta in Bohol is unique such that

1) There is always lechon. And I think, even if all the other dishes are not good as long as the lechon is crispy and tasty, you will be called a good cook and host.

2) People are welcome anywhere anytime. And I really mean this. Unlike in other places where only people you know are allowed in your house, in Bohol, your gates and doors should be wide open to admit anyone. We never know that the poor old man in rags is Jesus Christ.

3) When selecting your food, you are expected to taste every dish and give feedbacks.

4) Lastly, fiestas are incomplete without Bring House, that plastic bag filled with goodies and dishes that may last you even one week after the fiesta! Yes, after fiestas, people just reheat food and so supermarkets are unusually peaceful.

This is Bohol where people love to eat. :)