February 29, 2012

Harbor City Dimsum

I never knew Harbor City was connected with Ding Qua Qua and Dimsum Break.

Anyway, I had Spicy Steamed Fried Rice and Garlic Pork, which arrived after only 2 minutes.

My first taste of the Spicy Steamed Fried Rice gave me the impression that it wasn't that spicy at all. After my second bite, all the spiciness exploded and made me believe that it was indeed spicy! This coupled with it being hot (as in more than warm) made it a spicier meal!

The garlic pork was tender even if it looks tough. It had only a few fat in it.

Next time, I will have the Dimsum Experience and I will return to Ding Qua Qua! :)

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Harbor City
Ayala, Cebu City
With branches at: SM City Cebu
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February 27, 2012

Uncle Tom's

Uncle Tom's chicken and ribs is truly a comfort food. Their chicken is crispy and juicy and delicious. Their ribs are soft and tasty. Their rice is how I want it to be - wet. This meal also comes with coleslaw and gravy. All at around PhP150. Yum yum!!!

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Uncle Tom's
Branches at: Diversion Road, E. Lopez St., Tanza, Gen. Luna St
(033)3363706; (033)3003563
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February 25, 2012


In highschool, I liked the Fried Chicken at Roberto's. At present, it seems like their Fried Rice has gone very oily and their Chicken has gone measly but still delicious. The Lumpia is its usual self.

Other items in their menu worth mentioning is their Pancit Molo, which is also a HS favorite, and their burgers, which are my classmate's favorite.

What one should not miss at Roberto's though is their Queen Siopao which is only available on certain days of the month. It is large and has everything in it. Truly a must-eat in Iloilo City.

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JM Basa St., Iloilo City

February 23, 2012


Because I was feeling more for room service, I had pizza and carbonara. :)

The pizza had squid, ham, mushroom, onions and bell pepper in it. The squid wasn't tough and the crust was not that thin nor thick.

The Carbonara was creamy and cheesy and topped with plenty of bacon.

Yum yum.

Bacolod City

February 22, 2012


Allan's is a legend in Iloilo.

Their Baked Talaba is cheesy and garlicky. My classmate claims that the best Baked Talaba is in Allan's.

Their Grilled Pantat is so-so. I prefer the Pantat in Natolen.

Like almost any other seafood restaurant, food is displayed while you point at what you want and how you want it to be cooked.

Oton, Iloilo

February 20, 2012

Dainty House

Good, cheap Chinese food. You should try their Pan de Leche. Yummy. :)

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Dainty House
Iznart St., Iloilo City
(033)3372394; (033)3371233

February 19, 2012


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Miagao, Iloilo

February 18, 2012


The first time I ate here was about 4 years ago. It left quite an impression that made me itch to return.

One night ago, my friends and I had Sinigang na Tangigue, Pinakbet, Garlic Chicken and Ox Tongue. While waiting for our food, the friendly staff gave us complimentary vegetable chips which we happily devoured. :)

The Pinakbet was sweet and very tasty. There were generous pieces of meat added to the assortment of vegetables.

I'm not really a fan of sinigang but I enjoyed the many pieces of fish while my friend consumed the soup.

The Garlic Chicken was a disappointment. I thought it was fried but, instead, it was kind of sauteed. The serving size was small but the taste is okay. I prefer the taste of the Fried Garlic Chicken like that in Hilltop. :)

The Ox Tongue is the best I have ever tasted. My friends said that the Ox Tongue in Ramboy's is better. I have yet to taste that but the Ox Tongue in Emilion is plenty and tender and tasty. Certainly better than that in Mango Tree.

Good service + friendly staff + good food = me returning to taste the other items on their menu someday.

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General Luna St., Iloilo City

February 16, 2012


After practice one day ago, we ate at Carlito's. As usual, I ordered pork. At PhP90, it was expensive and not really worth it. There was plenty of fat but the meat was tasty - really tasty and delicious. If only they have larger servings then I would have enjoyed it more.

My friend also ordered puto which I partook of. It was in between so-so and good.

Carlito's has a pretty nice place but I don't think I'll return there for the food and not to mention the slow service.

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Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City