November 30, 2011

Coco Amigos

Because we had a rough ride from Siquijor, we rewarded ourselves with a meal at the famed Coco Amigos.

We had Burritos de Pollo, Picadillo, Carbonara and Pizza Amigos. Our food arrived in 20  minutes.

The Pizza Amigos was meaty and cheesy. I didn't even notice that there were tomatoes.

The Picadillo is beef tenderloin with spicy hot sauce. The beef was tender but the sauce wasn't that spicy.

The carbonara was fine while the Burritos is the winner.

There were two burritos with all sorts of dips - salsa, guacamole and hot sauce. It was a far cry from that in Lava's. It was delicious and had plenty of chicken cuts. The salsa was the best while the guacamole wasn't that tasty. I didn't try the hot sauce because my male friend couldn't even take it.

There were a lot of foreigners and the atmosphere was laid back. Certainly the best!

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Coco Amigos
Boulevard, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Coco Amigos Website
Coco Amigos on Facebook

November 28, 2011

JJ's Backpackers Inn

Because we were far from civilization (read: far from town), and because it was a particularly windy day with storms in other areas of the country, we ate at where we were to spend the night.

We asked the kids (who were maybe some employee's children) in the vicinity what were delicious and they answered Chicken Curry and Pork Menudo. We took their advice and ordered these.

The food arrived after an hour but was large even if they said it was good for one. I should always remember that foreign-owned establishments have larger servings and their food for one is actually for two or three Filipinos.

The Pork Menudo was not all potatoes and carrots. It had a substantial amount of meat too unlike that in other restaurants. Its sauce is not thick but was tomato-ey and oily. A delicious combination I often see in rural areas. The carrots and potatoes were well done and so was the meat. It was a little spicy too.

The Chicken Curry was the star of the night. It was spicy as the children said. The chicken was well-cooked, plenty and had potatoes in it. Winner!

JJ's offer discounts for those who stays there.

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JJ's Backpackers Village
San Juan, Siquijor

November 26, 2011

La Tegola

I have always wanted to eat here since 3 years ago. Even if I was alone, I wouldn't let the cost prevent me from eating here. Not now. Not three years after I have suppressed myself.

I had a hard time ordering since there were a lot of selections on their menu. After quite a while, I settled for Prosciutto Funghi Pizza and Tortellini Al Pomodoro Fresco.

After a minute, the waitress returned with a complimentary serving of Foccacia. It was a thin crust of sorts topped with tomatoes and herbs and drizzled with olive oil. I could eat hundreds of this!

After 15 minutes, my pizza and pasta arrived.

The pasta was al dente and stuffed with meat. I couldn't appreciate the meat though. The sauce was rich and the herbs added for a very delicious meal.

The pizza had a thin crust and had generous toppings of cheese, ham and mushrooms. The ingredients are not the usual and must have been imported. The amount of toppings was contrary to what I have read and expected - it was a lot! The ingredients all worked together to please me. :)

I had a hard time consuming my meal. But I did consume it after an hour.

I will return to taste the rest of the menu!

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La Tegola
Ayala Terraces, Cebu City