May 24, 2012


Because I was hungry, I had Fried Chicken and Pork Chop.

The Fried Chicken and the Pork Chop weren't amazing and the rice is small. But these are good eats at around PhP50 each. Hurray for the students.

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With branches at:
E Lopez St (in front of Colegio de San Jose)
Delgado St

May 22, 2012

Barrio Inasal

The last time I ate here was in college and I totally forgot how their chicken tasted so it was of no wonder that I found myself there one weekend ago. I had, of course, their Chicken Inasal, which arrived after 10 minutes.

The Chicken was tender and tasty and good but I don't think it is worth it at P65.
Now, that I have eaten it again, I can now say that the best Chicken Inasal is at Hilltop.

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Barrio Inasal
Aurora Subdivision, Iloilo City

May 20, 2012


I have never heard of this restaurant had my classmate not invited me to eat there. I had spaghetti while my classmates had spaghetti and burgers. I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep so I really didn't fill myself up.

The food arrived after a long 35 minutes. X_X

The spaghetti was topped with Parmesan and Basil. It had a lot of meat in it and was, in all fairness, good.

I wouldn't return to try the other items on their menu though. It seems expensive. But the place is nice. Perfect for dates and private get-togethers.


Tonino'sLocsin Subdivision, Cuartero St., Jaro, Iloilo City
(033)3206645; 09275654322

May 17, 2012

Perri Todd's

Perri Todds burgers have really declined in quality and decreased in size, not to mention that it is now more expensive.

The bread is now thicker than before but more tasty and soft...

while the patty is smaller and thinner and less tasty than when it first started.

Sorry, but now, I think Perri Todds is not worth it.

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Perri Todd's
Cuartero St., Jaro, Iloilo City
Another branch at Jalandoni St., Iloilo City (near SM Hypermarket)
Perri Todd's on Facebook

May 16, 2012

Coffee Beanery

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Coffee Beanery
Ledesma cor Quezon St., Iloilo City

May 15, 2012


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Ayala Terraces, Cebu City
Vanille on Facebook

May 7, 2012

JJ's Dimsum and Seafood Village

We had lunch at 2 something already so even if there were only 4 of us, we had what else but Patatim, Tinolang Isda, Fried Chicken, Garlic Rice and some other rice I forgot.

The food arrived after 15 minutes.

The soup was hot and not scalding. It was tasty and had a lot of fish in it.

The fried chicken was so-so. Yes, it was plenty and delicious but it didn't really shine because of the Patatim. :D

The Garlic Rice was the loser while the other rice is so-so.

The Patatim was huge, topped with plenty of kangkong and came with my favorite Fried Bread. :) The Patatim was tender and really huge that we had a hard time consuming it. And the taste is so heavenly. No overpowering taste of wine or what. It supported my opinion that the best Patatim can be found in Bohol. :)

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JJ's Seafood Village
Gallares St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol

May 5, 2012

Tokyo Joes

I wanted to eat at NeoNeo one afternoon ago but I had my fill of tasty food. So I opted to eat something bland or something not tasty. Then I chose Tokyo Joe's.

I like that their menu is so simple and that their California Maki is cheap.

My maki arrived after 5 minutes and consuming it took less than a minute.

My bento arrived 10 minutes after the maki arrived. I was shocked at the size of the Tonkatsu but when I ate it, I was disappointed that it was only batter at the sides and the meat was so thin - thinner than your regular tonkatsu. It was a little tough too. The taste is fine though.

The tempura, although with lots of batter, had a large juicy prawn underneath, which I happily ate.

At about PhP200, my meal is a steal.

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Tokyo Joe's
 SM City Cebu

May 3, 2012


After a day of shopping, I wanted to try another restaurant. Luckily for Mesa, it was chosen. My friends and I had Sinigang na Salmon, Pork Binagoongan, Sisig and Grilled Chicken.

Our food arrived after about 15 minutes. The waiter went on serving us our soup and mixing the sisig for us.

The soup was fine. As I've said, I'm not a fan of Sinigang but I had fun eating the fish in it. In fact, I had 3 large pieces while my friends had 1 or 2 each. Yummy. :) I also like that their soup has plenty of vegetables in it.

The Pork Binagoongan was unlike any other Pork Binagoongan I have ever had. Theirs is creamy. I think their version has coconut milk in it. It was delicious though. A new twist to an otherwise familiar dish. The pork was tender - very tender - and tasty.

The Sisig was dry but it was delicious and crispy too. Yum Yum. :)

The Grilled Chicken was also delicious. It, too, isn't like all other Grilled Chicken. It had a certain taste in it which I can't decipher at all. And it was tender like fall-off-the-bones.

Tasty Filipino meal with very good service. Only at Mesa.

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Ayala Terraces
Cebu City