September 27, 2012

Small Talk

I had the Pasta Mayon, which according to my readings is a must try when in Legazpi. The Pasta Mayon is actually a Tuna Ravioli dish. It was good but I don't find it spicy.

My friends had the Steamed Garlic Fish which was really delicious.

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Small Talk
51 Dona Aurora St., Legazpi City
(052)4801393; (052)4378708
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Colonial Grill

We had Sili, Malunggay and Tinutong Ice Cream. Quite expensive at P79.

The Malunggay Ice Cream tastes like grass (I'm not kidding). The Tinutong Ice Cream tastes like Coffee. The Sili Ice Cream was the best. Sweet at first and then all the fiery hotness bursts at the last part. Definitely a must try.

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1st Colonial Grill
Pacific Mall, Legazpi
Tel. Nos. Legazpi 4801213; 8200985 Daraga 4831212



I thought Bigg's is good. So I ate here as soon as the plane landed in Legazpi.

I had a regular burger and the Fried Pork with Laing on the side.

The Fried Pork was oily and was served on a sizzling plate dish. And the cashier who made me choose between plain rice and java rice didn't tell me that there was an additional P20 (!) if I choose java rice. It's taste is so-so. And so is the not-worth-it Java Rice. All I can say is that oily food makes you stop eating after a few spoonfuls especially if it doesn't taste good.

Bigg's is overrated. All the publicity. Tsk tsk. Sa mailad lang. Sa mainto lang.

Legazpi City
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One breakfast, I had Buttermilk Pancakes. It was soft and delicious but it gets to your tongue after a while. :-\ And, there was only a few strips of bacon.

The Omelette was good and plenty though. And it came with fries.

I will just eat here if someone treats me.

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