December 28, 2011

Kusina Tsina

We used to frequent at Kusina Tsina. But ever since they closed their branch located near us, we haven't eaten there for more than a year.

One day, however, after a FB post of "I miss Kusina Tsina", one thing led to another and invitations followed until we found ourselves going to Kusina Tsina.

It was special for me so I would have ordered duck which, unfortunately, was not available that night. So I chose the Soy Chicken and Asado Combo.

The chicken is always tender and tasty. The Asado is sweet as it should. And their combination makes me happy because it means I have a lot of viand. :)

The familiar tastes made me yearn for the time Kusina Tsina was near us and where we go to if we wanted good food. I just hope the next time I visit, the duck would be waiting for me.

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Kusina Tsina
Quezon St., Iloilo City
(033)3003030; (033)3013030
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December 25, 2011


The last time we ate here, the combo meals were at PhP49. Now, it is at PhP60. I ordered Grilled Pork Chop anyway, which arrived about 5 minutes after the soup arrived 2 minutes after I ordered.

The pork wasn't amazing. It was just pan-grilled. And it was dry and not tasty.

I don't see a reason to return here. 

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General Luna Street, Iloilo City
Open Monday-Saturday 10AM - 10PM
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December 23, 2011


Okay. So I have returned to places I said I will return to. But blogging about them twice makes things complicated. Thus, I have only edited past blogs and added recent food reviews. So that one does not need to open many blog entries for a certain resto. Click one and you find all separated by a line of asterisks. Enjoy reading and merry Christmas! :)

December 21, 2011


There is only one thing Omps is equated to... Sisig. A visit to Omps would never be complete without ordering sisig. Everytime I order this, I give specific instructions to make it a little burnt so that it would be a little crispy. I like that their sisig is spicy and cheap yet in generous servings.

My friend ordered Gambas, which was a little over Php80. We were disappointed when it arrived considering that there were only 8 measly shrimps.

I also ordered Grilled Pork Chop which was not so-so but not heavenly either.

This is a place I return to often just for their sisig.

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Miagao, Iloilo

December 20, 2011


My friends and I wanted to just eat. We all like Lumpiga so it is of no wonder that we found ourselves there one lunch ago.

It is nice that Lumpiga opens for lunch and added combo meals in their menu.

My friend had mixed seafood, which we were so envious with and which I think I will order next time. :)

My other friends had beef steak and beef salpicao.

Another had chicken teriyaki.

And another had sizzling blue marlin.

My group of friends and I had Pork Insarabasa and Adobong Manok sa Gata.

We all wondered what kind of dish this was. When it came, it was just pork with onions and tomato on top and bagoong on the side. It tasted like what grilled pork should taste like. And the lovely addition of the bagoong was very much welcome. :)

The Adobong Manok sa Gata only had a little sauce in it but it was tender and many that our small group of three had a hard time finishing it.

It is nice that I could now take good pictures of Lumpiga's food considering that I can now enjoy them at daytime. I have never complained about the food at Lumpiga. In fact, I like the food there. Lumpiga is one of my favorite restaurants. :)

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General Luna St., Iloilo City
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December 17, 2011

Ocean City

Months ago, I already thought of celebrating my birthday here. Days prior to my birthday, I scrapped the idea of a lauriat and thought of an intimate lunch with friends. I thought of duck but I found ourselves ordering Patatim, Buttered Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, that Seafood Dish called Iba't Ibang Lamang Dagat sa Gata and Mango Float.

The Mixed Vegetables was good. The vegetables weren't soggy and were crunchy.

The Patatim was a disappointment. It was cold and not tender and was not really tasty.

The Buttered Chicken was it's usual delicious self.

The Seafood Dish was everyone's favorite that day. It was somekinda cheesy and milky. And it had a lot of seafood in it. :)

The Mango Float was very frozen but it had a lot of mango in it.

So that you know, Ocean City is one of my favorite restos because it is cheap and delicious.

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Ocean City
General Luna St., Iloilo City
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