August 15, 2012

Iloilo Grand Hotel

I was invited by my friends to go food-tasting with them for a school event. I willingly obliged. :)

At Grand Hotel, we were served with the food we ticked off from checklists a week prior.

The Vegetables was good. It wasn't soggy and the crunch added texture to the meal.

The Chicken Teriyaki was tender and tasty. I like that it comes with vegetables on the side.

And the Beef with Mushroom was tender too.

All in all, my favorite is the Chicken Teriyaki followed by the beef dish.

Iloilo Grand Hotel
Iznart St., Iloilo City (in front of Iloilo Central Market)

Big Dad's

Someone told me their burger is good but when I ate there, I was first disappointed at the size. When I took a huge bite, I was more disappointed with the bun. The patty is really not good but my classmate says she buys the burgers for the patty. It's nice though that it comes with fried potato wedges, and that an additional cheese only costs PhP5.

Other downsides are the inavailability of the service water and the price. PhP135 for one small and not delicious burger. The place seems like a nice place to chill though.

Won't return here still.

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Big Dad's
BS Aquino Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
(near SM City)


I wanted to eat here before but when my friend told me it wasn't worth it, I also deleted it from my to-eat list. After a while, the same friend invited me to eat dinner here so I found myself with my friends drinking the free and delicious fruit punch one evening ago.

We had Kare-kare, Chicken Binakol and Crabmeat.

The Kare-kare was so-so. There were plenty of pata slices as well as vegetables and there was a gemerous side of Ginamos/Bagoong.

The Chicken Binakol came in a huge coconut shell. The soup was a little sweet thanks to the coconut. It was a little spicy too, and there were plenty of huge chunks of native chicken as well as coconut meat.

The crabmeat was plenty and topped with an egg.

Food is good, place is good, service is the best. What more can you ask for?

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Washington St., Jaro, Iloilo City (near the Jaro Bridge)
Alicia's on Facebook


I never wanted to eat here except to tick it off my checklist. I don't believe that burgers should be expensive that is why I am a firm believer of Angel's burgers who sells 2 burgers at PhP22.

At Matthew's, I had the Mexican Burger. I traded half of my burger with my friend's American burger.

The Mexican Burger had corn kernels in it, which gave texture to the food.

The American Burger had bacon it it.

For me, both are good. It must be the patty. So thick, meaty and full. And the bun is the best too - soft and brown.

I also had Pesto Pasta which was fine.

Servings were large. The burger is at PhP150 but it really is worth it. The Pesto Pasta is at PhP130. Service is the best. Waitresses alwats amile and are accommodating.

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Delgado St, Iloilo City (near UPV)
Open Sun-Sat 11-8PM, 9-9PM on weekends
Matthew's on Facebook

Tib's Rock

I have never eaten here so it was very welcome for me to hang out here after class one day.

I had grilled pork, which is expensive at PhP100. To think that it was dry and so-so.

My friend treated us with TRS which stands for Tib's Rock Special, which is small, green and kinda good but not amazing.

The Talaba is at PhP40 and not that fat.

I don't see a reason to return here.

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Tib's Rock
45 Guzman St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Bird House

I have eaten here a couple of times but I haven't taken a picture of their menu. I returned for that.

I have tasted their pizza and burger as well as some of their sweets, and I haven't tried their rice meals so I ordered their Humba.

Their Humba came in a bowl with plenty of sauce. There were 3 slices and the meat was very tender. It was very delicious. Better than that in Mandarin.

Now, I know where to eat if I miss the Humba at home. :)

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Bird House
St Elizabeth Building, Valeria St., Iloilo City
Bird House on Facebook


My friends like seafoods. So we went on that planned food trip to Dumangas. Where else to but Joyjoy's.

To go there via public transpo, ride a Lapaz Ticud jeepney at the Andok's branch in front of Gaisano City then alight at the Ticud Terminal, board a Dumangas van and tell the driver to drop you at Joyjoy's Dumangas (there is another Joyjoy's in Leganes). The van fare is PhP35 one way.

At Joyjoy's, we had shrimp, grilled squid and adobado alimusan.

The adobado was good.

The shrimps are like shrimps.

And, the grilled squid was stuffed with tomatoes. It would have been nice if there were onions too. Well, the squid was a little bland.

The 1/4 adobado is at PhP90. 1/4 shimps is at PhP100. 1/2 squid is at 160. Platter of rice at PhP150. Buko at Php20. It is cheap and a nice out-of-town trip but I'm not a seafood fan so this stays out of "My Favorite Restos" list but will be in my "What to Eat in Iloilo" list.

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They say the spaghetti at Tibiao is good. Well, I tried it one time and now, I can say that... ummm... it is edible. It's not bad. It tastes good with a hint of sourness and the trademark sweetness of a Filipino spaghetti. It has enough meat in it and it came with a slice of buttered bread. Now that I have tasted it, I am accomplished... I only crave my mother's spaghetti. :)

PS You should try the Teren-Teren at Tibiao.

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Branches at:
Gen Luna St in front of Atrium
Jalandoni St across University of San Agustin
and more
Tibiao on Facebook